If you've studied NLP, The Silva Method, The Sedona Method, Biofeedback, Creative Visualization, Psycho-Cybernetics, MindMapping, TM, Energy Medicine, EFT, Huna or virtually ANY self-development process, then THIS home-study course will turn you on like a music-lover finding a secret stash of never-released Beatles songs...

"Win Wenger's Beyond OK
Home-Study Program:
mind techniques* for creating miracles in your life, with results so fast and easy it's almost scary."

*No, you won't need all 86 powerhouse
techniques, but they're included anyway.
(Here they are in alphabetical order. There are SO many that
I had to make a scroll window!!)

Yes, you will learn every one of them, step by step!

These techniques are EFFECTIVE. You'll learn exactly how to...

  • Increase your intelligence and creativity effortlessly
  • Unblock whole areas of your life, even your most challenging areas such as money, career, health, sex
  • Erase stress from your body in moments
  • Discover the power of breathing for making goals happen, even your most hard-to-imagine goals
  • Experience much greater health and energy
  • Gather information and make changes from a distance
  • Directly explore and change future events
  • much, much more...

Win Wenger, Ph.D., leading expert on IQ and accelerated learning, created these tools in the 1970's before he focused his genius on
boosting intelligence.

Remarkably, these secret techniques have been barely known or used outside his own circle of students -- until now.

Win Wenger, Ph.D.
Expert on Human Intelligence, and Creator of the groundbreaking Beyond OK material
Please note: This is an intense and hands-on energy training, but is not for everyone. Please do not use this material if you are currently being treated by a mental health practitioner, without first consulting that practitioner about this purchase. Doing the exercises of this program will have a life-changing effect on your mind and life. It will also have a profound effect on your attention and focus.

note from Sean Collins

Dear Friend,

Okay, I have to confess...NOBODY was more skeptical about Win Wenger's claims than I was.

In fact, I was so downright suspicious when I first read about him in Success Magazine in 1991 that I actually tracked down a person in that article to find out if Dr. Wenger’s claims were really true.

The man in the article -- a professor who'd tested the rapid brain-boosting effect of Image Streaming, told me yes the article was TRUE, that this easy-to-use technique of Dr. Wenger's really did transform his students in just a short time of easy training.

A simple little visualization process can make your brain work better and faster? His students got HIGHER grades while REDUCING the amount of time spent studying?

Come on…

So I got busy testing Dr. Wenger's methods for myself.


At the time Dr. Wenger recommended something called a 10/10 test. Do one of his methods 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

10 minutes a day? Easy enough!

Ay Carumba, it made my world different.

The best way I can describe it is that it was like my senses were scrubbed from the inside. Colors and sounds were more vivid. LIFE was more vivid.

I also noticed other benefits that surprised me...

Reading faster with greater comprehension.

Quicker thinking. FASTER connections. Being "quicker on the uptake."

I also was quicker at making funny connections, which surprised me. Life just became more amusing. You know that feeling when you're in a good mood, and events just sort of tickle you? That was the feeling.

Like life was a "sit-com" all of a sudden.

So I continued with these mind exercises, and started noticing one more thing…


I was having, for lack of a better term, "mystical experiences." Unusual perceptions of energy, and REALLY unusual (in a good way) things showing up in my daydreams.

In one experience, I felt vividly like I was traveling through space. Not just seeing this in my mind, but REALLY feeling like I was in my body traveling through space. It was WILD.

I'm not going to go into detail about what I FOUND on these explorations (you can check out what YOU find when you do this course), but I did contact Dr. Wenger directly about this.

I wrote him a letter (this was PRE-email!), describing some of my discoveries.

He told me that he doesn't dwell much on the mystical side of what he teaches. Sure, those things show up as you increase your mental ability (and agility), but his focus remains on intelligence and creative problem-solving.

But he did create a manual of exercises he called Beyond OK. It lays out step-by-step how to engineer these experiences to quickly make YOUR life the way you want it.

To solve ANY trouble you can imagine. Yes, ANY trouble, on any topic. Health, Sex, Finances, anything...

By the way, in case you're wondering why it's called Beyond OK, here's his explanation for the title.

A lot of self-help nowadays is about remedy, fixing things so that you end up feeling "OK."

Improving things UP to normal, in other words, JUST to the level of OK.

But there’s only a finite distance from not-OK up to OK. Like going from below-zero to zero. Once you get to zero, you've finished.


But if your focus is going Beyond OK, then you have unlimited room for growth. When it comes to your untapped abilities, how high is up? As high as you want to find out!

I was amazed at my own results from Dr. Wenger’s techniques, but I wondered if it was just me. Maybe I'm just weird.

How do I know that other people would get the same results?

So I started including his techniques in workshops I was giving. I didn’t embellish or even change one line of the material.

I just took the steps exactly as Dr. Wenger wrote them and delivered them to the audience. People approached me after the talks to ask me, "What in the world was that Breathing meditation you had us do...That was wonderful!"

(Of course, I asked Win's permission before using his material in my presentations.)

I remember one workshop I gave here in Miami Beach. We did a "sideways in time" trip. I still remember one attendee -- a guy over 50, and a veteran of many self-help courses -- hopping up and down with excitement and telling me it was the most powerful experience in his entire life.

(That exercise involves meeting and then becoming your alternate self from another time and place. Sort of like Deep Trance Identification, only without the deep trance and more powerful. It's another technique you'll get when you get the entire Beyond OK program.

These processes ARE different

Remember, Dr. Wenger's techniques aren't
rehashed NLP techniques you've heard before, or "alpha meditation" Silva knock-offs, or a hypnosis program that will trance you out into a deep sleep...

All of these techniques are completely conscious,
self-directed techniques. No drifting off, or dozing off, or not knowing if you are making a change or not.

So you won't have that loss of attention like a hypnosis program, or the trippy brain-buzz from strapping a light-sound machine to your head. Or that heavy-headed feeling from listening to "binaural" beats for 48 minutes at a time.

Not that there is anything wrong with any of these approaches. I've used them myself! But I have personally found Win's methods an easier and faster way to make changes at deeper states of mind.

But don't have to take my word for it. Test Win's methods for yourself, risk-free.

When you order this program you'll receive immediate access to all six sections of this program. You can print it out, read it online, whatever is convenient.

You will receive the it all immediately which means you can get to work immediately.

Why is it in six pieces? Why am I not simply offering the whole thing as one big fat eBook?

You know why...

It would sit on your harddrive with all those other pdf files you haven't read yet!

This way, by having this rich material broken into pieces for you, it's easier to integrate these skills into your life.

In other words, a short easy read with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will turn on your brain and body for the ride of your life.

Are you ready? Or would you rather go back to sleep?


Sean Collins
Orlando, Florida

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Acceptance Form

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I'm taking you up on this offer today. I understand that I will receive all 6 Sections of this program, which means I get to learn ALL of these mind-training techniques...

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BONUS: Order Today and receive the following bonus Win Wenger Techniques
as easy-to-follow guided audios:
Noise Removal Breathing,
Satisfaction Breathing,
Stairstep Recall,
Energy Column Breathing,
CandleMelt (Extreme Stress Removal)

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Seriously!): If you find the material in this program to be too intense, immediately discontinue using the processes in this course, and contact sean@pavlovpublishing.com
for your immediate refund.
While Dr. Wenger's methods have produced remarkable results, they are still to be considered in the experimental stage and thus you must take complete responsibility for your use of these methods. This course is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other health-care providers.

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