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1. Aaah and Ara Kara for manifesting

2. Do-it-yourself Techniques:
a. Ara Kara Sound
b. Ara Kara Meditation

3. Mantras work, but how?

4. Prosperity Mantra


The last newsletter I sent was about the use of the Aaah sound for
manifesting goals.

This technique is more and more popular thanks to Wayne Dyer (Meditations for
) who learned this process from HIS teacher, Sri Siva.
But Wayne Dyer's teacher (Sri Siva) also recommends another sound for
manifesting. That sound INCLUDES the aah sound, but has some other pieces as well.

The sound he recommends is Ara Kara. (Pronounced "AH-ruh KAH-ruh")

You can say it, chant it, or sing it. The only thing that is
essential is to physically or mentally make the sound of those four syllables. You
can SILENTLY say this sound and create results. (This is true of all
mantras. In fact, some mantra teachers say that the SILENT repetition of a mantra
is a more powerful use of the mantra than outloud chanting.)

I've only road-tested Ara Kara on one project so far, but I am
impressed. (I used it for an outrageous goal that I almost dismissed as too
outlandish. Things happened in a very happy, surprising way that made this goal
do-able!) If you are curious, or even outright skeptical, please test
Ara Kara personally.

Do-it-yourself Experiments:

Ara Kara Mantra.
----->How to do it:
1. Pick a goal that you urgently WANT and is good for all concerned.
I would recommend doing this method with something that is verifiable in
consensual reality. A new job, a new car, a happy relationship, etc. Be sure
to have an intention that you and everyone concerned will benefit somehow from
this goal being true. (There ARE mantras for working off karma, but there is no
sense adding to your karmic load by infringing on others.)

2. Think about (vividly imagine) your intention being true WHILE you
make the sound "Ara Kara" (either silently or outloud). Don't worry about
HOW the goal will happen. Just vividly imagine it, eyes closed, WHILE you
make that sound.

3. Do this as OFTEN as you feel like it.


To add more energy to your manifesting project, Sri Siva also
recommends an Ara Kara meditation...

Ara Kara Meditation.
----->How to do it:
The meditation is simply to close your eyes and "place" the sound Ara
Kara (in whatever meaning that word "place" has for you) deep INTO your
right eye, then deep INTO your left eye, then ONTO your right eardrum, then ONTO
your left eardrum, then INTO your right nostril, then INTO your left
nostril, then ONTO the back of your tongue, then ONTO the middle of your tongue,
then ONTO the tip of your tongue, and then everywhere onto your skin.

Then, with this sound "placed" in or on ALL of your perceiving
senses, and feeling the feeling of this sound occupying all of your perceiving
senses, you think about what you want to manifest.

Sounds VERY simple, I know, but it has a very mind-altering affect
and is DEEPLY entrancing, in my experience. For more of a description, and
to hear this meditation on a CD, click Sri SivaCD



I used to think that mantras worked because of BELIEF that they
worked, like a placebo. Then I wondered if mantras worked because they quiet your
mind and allow your Authentic Self to make preferred results happen. (I still
think that this is partly why mantras are effective.) Then I learned
something else about mantras...

The theory behind mantras is that each chakra of your energy body
(except for the top/crown chakra) has pieces that are like petals of a flower.
There are 50 of these "petals" from the root chakra to the brow chakra. The
50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet correspond to each of these petals.

Early Indian engravings of the chakra system actually have specific
letters engraved on each "petal" of each chakra from the root to the brow
chakras. When there is an imbalance in your energy body, a guru or
healer "reads" your chakras and sees where the petals are not functioning -- almost like
a column of electrical circuit breakers with some of the circuit switches
switched off.

The mantra corrects -- through the use of sound -- those
chakra "pieces" that aren't lighting up the way they are supposed to. The sounds of the
mantra correct these deep energetic imbalances, and then changes happen in
your life.

There are Sanskrit mantras for every imaginable problem or desire,
and they only work to the degree they change YOU at deep levels.

Now there are many other ways to make changes to subtle levels of
your energy body, but mantras are a way that makes these changes WHILE quieting
your mind AND moving your awareness to a perceptual space beyond your mind.
The word mantra actually comes from the Sanskrit roots "man" (mind) and "trai"
(liberation device).

Why should this matter?

When something is bothering you, your MIND is the creator and
maintainer and sufferer of the problem, but changing your mind about the problem
when your mind is troubled is like trying to pick up a rug while you are
standing on it.

It helps to step outside of your mind to CHANGE your mind about the
problem. Mantras are one way to do this.


I told a friend of mine about mantras and she wanted to use a
prosperity mantra to raise $30,000 for a business project. She did the following
prosperity mantra and received $5,000 and then $25,000 in a
surprising way -- all within 7 days!

Each day she sat with eyes closed and repeated the mantra 108 times
while picturing her solution (happily receiving 30,000 dollars funding for
her business project). She does not know about the Ara Kara sound or Ara
Kara meditation, so I can't say whether Ara Kara would have worked just as


BONUS Do-it-yourself experiment: Prosperity Mantra

The mantra is "Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha"
Pronounced "OM SHREEM MA-ha LOCK-shmee-YAY SWA-ha"
(You probably know already, but just in case: "Om" rhymes with Home)

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet had your 28th birthday, do not use the
above mantra. Use the following one instead: "Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei
Namaha." Pronounced "OM SHREEM MA-ha LOCK-shmee-YAY NOM-uh-HA"

Typically you repeat the mantra 108 times in a session, twice each
day. There are strings of 108 beads (the string is called a "mala") for
counting out the 108 repetitions. You move your fingers along the beads as you
recite, until you get to the end. You don't need a mala, however. You could
set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and/or just repeat the mantra for a length
of time that feels right. At least daily. (Another option: Some people
silently recite mantras CONSTANTLY, while they do everything, all day long.
Washing dishes, driving the car, you name it. I don't do this, but some
people find it a powerful practice.)


For a detailed explanation of mantras and how to use them personally,
take a look at Thomas Ashley-Farrand's writings or listen to his recordings
(which are great for learning pronunciation). He doesn't teach the use of
Ara Kara or the Aah meditation (in any of his books or audios that I've
studied), but he has loads of other mantras and applications of mantras.

1. Farrand's Mantra Book.

2. Farrand Recordings


If you have any question, comment or discovery to share with me about

the above processes, please e-mail me at



Wayne Dyer, Meditations for Manifesting

Sri Siva, Sri SivaCD

Thomas Ashley Farrand


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