Affirmation Success Newsletter
This issue: Pray like it's up to God,
Work like it's up to you


My articles about visualization show up in surprising places.

Especially the pieces I wrote about my aunt winning the
lottery, or my brother getting a job beating up Robert DeNiro, etc.

All from visualization? Yes.

Well, sort of.

There is one more piece.

I heard it first from an eccentric older man I met at a Colorado
ski resort in 1993.

He said that HE didn't become a millionaire until he took a course called The Silva Method, a technique for quieting your brain so that your mental imagery has a deep effect on you and the world around you.

But then he warned...

People who take the Silva Method mess up their moneymaking by focusing TOO much on the mental part.

They think that they can just quiet their mind, focus on the money goal, and the money will fall from the sky and into their lap.

Sometimes your action in the world is slight, but there is always SOME action required.

He told me the story about a man who prayed to win the lottery. "Day after day the man prayed, 'Dear God help me to win the lottery...'"

After months and months of this prayer, day after day, he finally heard a thunderous voice from the sky, "This is God speaking. Yes, I will grant you your request to win the lottery, but will you do just ONE thing for Me, please?"

"Yes, God, anything. You name it."

"Will you PLEASE go buy a ticket?"

Now, my aunt really did win the Florida lottery twice, using the Silva Method technique that I taught her. But she STILL had to go buy a ticket!

Here's a funny detail you may not know about that...The first time she won, with the daily visualization that I taught her, once a day for two weeks, she saw herself redeeming the winning ticket at the lotto office in Hollywood Florida, and a REALLY funny thing happened, she said.

The lottery office where she redeemed the winning ticket looked JUST like the office she was picturing every day for two weeks -- even though she had never (physically) been there before!

Strange, weird, spooky, coincidental, whatever word you want to use...there IS a link between your world and your mind.

Or your mind and your world.

As if there is any difference.


One more example...

When I wanted to REALLY find out if affirmations and visualization work, or if it's all just imaginary new age crap, I set a goal to work as a trial consultant (helping attorneys win jury trials here in the US).

I did a daily routine every day to focus my brain on the goal. After about 11 weeks of this, doing the habit EVERY single day, I had a wild idea to locate a trial consulting firm, call them and introduce myself. It was a bold move, especially since I was neither a lawyer nor a psychologist (the usual prerequisites for trial consulting.)

The local firm was a top-notch one in the nation, so I picked up the phone and called them.

By chance (if there is such a thing), I got the owner on the phone, and it led to a job offer within 10 days.

In fact, about 12 weeks after I first started doing the affirmation/visualization combo, I was helping craft trial strategy for one of the largest corporations in the US in their multimillion-dollar lawsuit, and I was earning just what I had specified in my goals list!

By the way, if you are wondering HOW I got the job offer after a simple phone call, that's a whole other story. (The secrets were good rapport, a ballsy marketing technique, and a method for speaking to someone mentally from miles away.)

Now, step back and look at the process I first used...

Every day I closed my eyes and did the daily ritual.

One day, I realized that action was required. Not massive action, and not difficult action. Action that spontaneously seemed like a good idea to take.

I prayed (visualized) like it was up to God, and then took action like it was up to me.

Now for a do-it-yourself experiment:

What is something you want to have happen in your world?

Pick a REALLY good, juicy goal.

Do the 100-to-1 technique on it every day for two weeks, and notice the impulse to take some action.

If you don't have any impulse toward taking some specific action, ask yourself, "If I had NOTHING else to do in my life but this goal, what would I do FIRST?"

But do the mind technique FIRST, before you start planning the exact steps to get to the outcome. Let the vision of the outcome bring the steps out from your deeper imagination.

Poke around the archives for some applications...