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power of secrecy

January 31st, 2013 · Uncategorized

If you have a very important goal
that you are aiming for,
I recommend not telling ANYBODY.

Keeping it a secret will help you
to create the results faster.

Don't take my word for this. Test this
for yourself.

See if this is true.

Let's say you want, more than anything,
a new car.

How about a Jaguar sports car, a two-door?

By the way, I pronounce this JAG-gwar,
with my American accent. My wife is from
England and pronounces it JAG-yu-AR.
The car drives the same, no matter how
mistakenly you pronounce it.

Okay, so let's say you want a Jag :-)

And you are doing the 100-to-1 visualization

And you did the Magic-27 correction to make sure
there was no self-sabotage getting in the way.

And you are doing breathwork to clear away
any remaining internal blocks.

Maybe the Release Technique as well.

If you do the above steps daily, you'll notice
that your world changes.

Funny coincidees will happen, like you see the
car more often, or a car pulls up next to you
and the driver asks for directions, and you
notice the car is the one you want.

When these little markers show up, it will
tempt you to tell someone else about these
coincidences. But don't.

Not until you've reached your goal: The
specific goal that you want, down to the
very last detail. Not just seeing the car,
not just touching or even driving the car,
but owning and enjoying the car, the way you want.

IMPORTANT: Pick your own goal. I am
mentioning the car only as an example.
(With fuel prices soaring, maybe you
don't want a sports car anyway. Maybe
you'd rather oil field.)

Why is secrecy so effective?

I will tell you tomorrow, along with
a little technique to boost
your results faster than anything
I know of.

Remember: If the goal matters to you,
then don't tell anyone until the
results show up, just the way you want.

Talk with you soon,

p.s. One reason why secrecy is so powerful is hinted at by
the word itself. "Secrecy" comes from an old French term for
"set apart." Why does this matter? I'll tell you in the next post.

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